Communications technology and all it's tools have significantly differentiated man from the rest of the species on the planet. From the dawning of civilization to the era of the great kingdoms up to today, different media of recording and communicating data have given mankind a front-seat ticket to witness the significant events in this world. Today, as history unfolds before our very eyes...



About us

   Global Carrier is a strategic Network Communication service provider (NCSP) bridging the world of traditional communications and the new age of the internet for multinational carriers and organizations large and small using state-of-art network technologies.

Global Carrier carries voice and data through it's operations to underserved markets in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe & Latin America.

   Global Carrier, branded network communications products and services including domestically and internationally long distance and Toll-Free services, local services, virtual private networks, Internet and hosting services, calling cards, network security, technology consulting, bandwidth provider and enterprise management through its Africa offices and Middle East.

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